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Andreas Kraft

Dr. Andreas Kraft studied German, English and American Literature and finished his PhD in German Literature at the University of Konstanz (
2006) The PhD was about the German-Jewish author Nelly Sachs. He worked in different research projects such as "Boundaries of Understanding: Generational Identities in Germany after WWII" at the SFB 458 "Norm and Symbol" of the DFG and the Max-Planck Research Group "Geschichte + Gedächtnis" at the University of Konstanz.
From 2010 to 2014 he was a Fellow of the Martin Buber Society at Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
Volumes published by A. Kraft are: 'Nur eine Stimme, ein Seufzer': Das Selbstbild der Dichterin Nelly Sachs und der Holocaust. (Lang Verlag 2010) with N. Borissova and S. Frank: "Zwischen Apokalypse und Alltag. Kriegsnarrative des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts" (Transcript-Verlag 2009), and with M. Weißhaupt: "Generationen: Erfahrung – Erzählung – Identität." (Universitätsverlag Konstanz 2009).
His research interests are: Rage and revenge in culture and society, generations in German literature after the II World War, trauma, testimony and the Holocaust, literature and cultural memory.

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