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Avinoam Rosenak

Avinoam Rosenak lectures in the Department of Jewish Thought at the Hebrew University.
His field of research is Modern Jewish Philosophy and the Philosophy of the Halakhah (Jewish Law) among the central figures of Modern Jewish Thought, such as Rabbi Joseph Dov Soloveichik, Rabbi Kook (The Prophetic Halakhah, Magnes 2007 in Hebrew; Rabbi Kook [Zalman Shazar 2006 in Hebrew – which is an innovative biography of R. Kook`s life story and philosophy]), Rabbi M.A. Amiel and others. In his most recent book (I Arbitrate Means You Exist: Studies in Philosophy of the Halakhah and Education, Magnes at press, in Hebrew), Rosenak brings together two disciplines – Philosophy of the Halakhah and Philosophy of Education.  
Dr. Rosenak has generated a series of international conferences dealing with Philosophy of the Halacha which were held at the Hebrew University and at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute in 2002, 2004, and 2006. Dr. Avinoam Rosenak, Born in Jerusalem, Israel, 1965. Department: Jewish thought.


1989-1991: Graduate, the Hebrew University, Philosophy and Jewish Thought.
1992-1993: MA graduate, the Hebrew University, Jewish Thought.
1991-1994: Talmud, Shalom Hartman Institute.
1994-1997: PhD, the Hebrew University, Jewish Thought. 2002: Post doc, Harvard University, Boston. Research Interests: Philosophy of Halakhah, Modern Jewish Thought. Service in other Academic and Research Institutions:
1994-2003: Yaacov Herzog Center.
1994-2003: the ``Kibbutz Teachers Seminary.
1996-2000: Teaching at the David Yellin Teachers College.
1997-2003: Lifshitz Teachers Seminary.
2000-2003: Teachers College, Kerem.
2000- : Research Fellow, Van Leer Institute.

Organization of Conferences:
1. Fifth Annual Conference: Kabbala, Mysticism and Israel Society, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute (22-21.6.2000).
2.An International Conference: Studies Exploring the Influence of Rabbi J. B. Soloveitchik on Culture, Education and Jewish Thought, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, December 2003.
3.An International Conference: Education, Community and Norms, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, December 2004.
4.An International Conference: New Streams in Philosophy of Halakhah ,The First Conference on Philosophy of Halakhah, The Hebrew University, Summer 2003 (with Prof. Aviezer Ravitzky).
5.An International Research Conference: The Halakhah and Philosophy of Halakhah: a Multi-disciplinary Perspective (The Second Conference on Philosophy of Halakhah), The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, January, 2005.
6.A Conference in Honor of Shalom Rosenberg, March 2005, The Department to Jewish Thought, The Hebrew University.
7.A Conference on ``Post-Modernity and Academic Studies``, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute (forthcoming, 2006).  
8.Theology and Politics: an Evening in Honor of Prof. Paul-Mendes Flohr, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute (27th of March, 2006).

Research Groups:
a. Modern Orthodoxy: Philosophy, Halakhah and Education, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute (2003-2004).
b. Jewish Law and Israeli Law: an invitation to Philosophical and Sociological Discourse (with Dr. Aviad Ha-Cohen and Dr. Michael Vigodah), The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.
c. An Alternative Way of Legal Thinking: Jewish Thought, Philosophy and Jewish Law, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute (2006) (with Dr. Aviad Ha-Cohen and Dr. Yotam Ben-Ziman).
d. The Reform Movement: Philosophy and Halakhah, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute (2006-2007).

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