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How do I purchase a book/eBook on the website?

All you have to do is sign in where it says "Hello sign in here" )top right corner of the screen) and fill in the window that pops up.

When you are done registering you can enter the name of the book you are looking for in the search field (top left).
You can also click on "Categories" (under "home" - top left) to browse titles by subject.

When you see the picture of the book you were searching, you need to click on it to enter the book page.
Make sure to make a choice of printed or online versions of the book (if more than once choice is available.)
eBooks are not returnable so it is advised to browse the information about our eBooks before making the purchase.
Please be aware that most books have a
"Sample pages" button where you can view selected pages from the book.  

Once you have made your mind you have to then click the red button that says "Add to cart".
Then you need to enter the shopping cart (under your name – top right).

Once you are in the shopping cart just follow the red buttons – you will be able to see the shipping charges once you enter your country in the address section.

Is the Magnes Press website secure? 

Yes, the website is secured by an advanced SSL technology.
If you cannot see the green https, it is because the website window belongs to Magnes and not to Tranzila.
TRANZILA is a leading Payment Gateway for secure Internet Transaction Processing.

If you make a purchase through the explorer browser, you can right click; click on "properties" at the bottom. It will show you the address with https

Is there international shipping?

Yes we definitely ship internationally. Shipping internationally is available on our English website (eBooks can be purchased on the Hebrew website as well.)

To make sure we ship to your country please start the registration process and check if your country is available in our country list. 

Can I purchase via phone or e-mail? 

Yes. You may call 972-2-6584780 Mon-Thursday 12pm-8pm (Israel time) or email: sales@magnespress.co.il 
If you are a library or a distributor you receive an extra discount ordering via the email above. The same for bulk orders (over 11 copies of the same title) unless there is a better promotion online and then we recommend you order online. 

Is the price on the site the same as the price in bookstores?

No, each store has its own discount policy. Our site provides a regular discount for most books.

We also offer special discounts in addition to the website's regular discounts.

We recommend subscribing to our mailing list for information about new promotions and publications.

Registration is free of charge and without any commitment to order.

Can my order be shipped to Israel?

Only orders to other countries can be submitted on this site. Books can be ordered to Israel via the Israeli Magnes website. If you experience difficulties placing an order via our Hebrew site you can e-mail us at sales@magnespress.co.il.

How can I purchase a gift voucher?

Gift vouchers can be purchased on our website or at +972-2-6584780

Monday-Thursday, 2:00 pm- 8:30 pm (Israel time)

How do I return a book from Magnes Press?

A purchased item can be returned within 30 of the date that appears on the receipt, provided that the book is in good condition and that the invoice indicates that it had been purchased directly from Magnes Press.

In order to return Magnes Press books purchased elsewhere, customers are required to contact the seller for their returns policy.

If purchased via Magnes Press, books should be returned to the press offices (by mail or in person). If you are mailing the book, please make sure it is carefully packaged to avoid damage. The delivery should include an invoice indicating that the book had been purchased from Magnes Press and a letter stating the customer's full name, address and phone number.

Customers will only be refunded for the cost of the book.

Mailing address: Magnes Press, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, PO box 39099 Jerusalem 91390

What in case of a damaged delivery?

We do our best to ensure that you receive your order intact. However, despite our QA, a damaged book may rarely make its way to a customer's order.

If you receive a damaged book please e-mail us your name and contact details, a description of the damage and the date of purchase.

We recommend that you also attach your invoice and a photo of the damaged book.

Books purchased in stores and not from Magnes Press directly should be returned to the seller.

What is Mages Press's refund policy?

Refunds apply for printed books purchased on our website. Customers can request to cancel a purchase under the following conditions:

The book must be returned to Magnes Press within 30 days from the date of purchase if it is undamaged.

A copy of the book's invoice must be provided.

The funds will be transferred to the same credit card used to place the order.

Your credit card details are not saved in our system, but transferred directly to the credit card company via the credit card processor Tranzila.

Delivery fees will not be refunded.

In order to transfer the refund to your credit card we require that you fax your card details to +972-25660341 or provide them by phone +972-26584780.

Please mention your name, phone number and the details of the order you wish to cancel.

Can eBooks purchased on the website be refunded?

After purchasing an eBook and the downloadable file, the book can be viewed immediately; therefore an eBook purchase cannot be refunded or cancelled.

Can I purchase a book that is out of stock?

A book might be out of stock only temporarily. However, some books might not be reprinted at all.

We understand the importance of these books and make every effort to digitalize them and make them available online.

If you are interested in a book that is out of stock, please e-mail us at


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