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Manuscript submission guidelies

If you intend to submit a proposal to Magnes Press to publish your book, please browse through these guidelines. Submitting your proposal in accordance with our guidelines guarantees it will include all the information we need to make a decision and will shorten our response time.

We make every effort to reduce the time from the moment the proposal is received until the book is published and make it compliant with the customary standards in the publishing business, without compromising quality. In addition we will try to make your experience with Magnes Press a pleasant one.

Publishing houses are economic systems, where there is no clear cut division between the best and the less so Each publishing house has its own unique qualities, and whereas you may have written an excellent text, for instance regarding the Jewish education, it may not be published by a publisher who specializes in prose and poetry. When a text finds its rightful place the ideas therein blossom and both author and publisher view it as a blessing.

Magnes Press, the first academic publishing house in Israel, publishes books in all fields of academic research and knowledge, research books, reference books, and textbooks. Before you submit your proposal to Magnes Press (or to any other publisher), please check a number of things: Who has recently published books on your topic whom you especially admire? Which publishing houses' website display books from the same field, similar to the book you wish to publish? Which publishers will best distribute your book to your target audience or audiences? A short, focused list of the publishers best suited for your purposes will save you time and money.

What should the proposal include?

The proposal is presented to the Scientific Advisory Board, editors and marketing personnel of Magnes Press, most of whom are not experts in your field. You must explain why you wrote this specific book and why at this juncture – in your personal career and, more importantly, in the development of your field of expertise.

  • With what issues will the book deal and how?

  • What makes this book different to all other books?

  • And therefore – why is the book important? To whom is it important?

Possible target audiences are as different from one another as the publishers are.

  • Is your book designed for experts in your field?

  • Is it designed for experts on a specific subject of a much broader field?

  • Is it designed for students and, if so, at which stage of their studies?

  • Is this book designed for a general reader audience, without in-depth knowledge of your field?

Whatever the answers may be, consider carefully the approach, wording, level of explanation and structure necessary for your book to best attract your ideal reader.

You can submit the proposal in various formats, but the most readable, informative, and successful proposals include:

    An articulate description of the proposed text's subject, its arguments, goals, place in the professional literature and expected target audience; make your arguments concise and clear.

    A comparison of the proposed book to other books on the market designed for the same audience; give your opinion: if you are writing a unique monograph, it is pointless to compare it with a popular handling of the same topic.

  • A résumé and list of publications.

  • A detailed table of contents, including a short description of each of the chapters.

  • An estimation of the book's length, the number of illustrations (if any) you would like to include therein.

  • The copyright holder's name.If the book is based on a dissertation, please note this and add the academic institute to which it was submitted including the names of the supervisors and judges. If you have the judges' reports please attach them to the proposal. In cases where the book is an adaptation of a dissertation, please make sure the dissertation adaptation is done in accordance with the guidelines published on our website. We do not accept proposals to publish dissertations which are not adapted into books.
    For advice on how to prepare your manuscript please press here.

If the book has been written by more than one writer, please:

  • Attach a resume and list of publications for each of the writers.

  • Note which one of the writers has undertaken to write which chapter.  Note if certain chapters, or part thereof, have already been published.

  • Marketing: note in detail your book's target audiences, and avoid general expressions such as "the educated public." Provide a list of opinion leaders in the field; professional magazines where your book should be advertised; a list of people who will be suitable to write a review of your book.

  • We do not discuss the proposals but the manuscripts attached thereto. Therefore do not send the proposal unless the manuscript has been completed. Magnes Press only handles manuscripts which have not been proposed to other publishers. 

Who reviews your proposal?

Proposals for the publication of research, reference, and textbooks with Magnes and Academon Presses: Your proposal will be reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Board. Its members may accept or reject the proposed manuscript. They may ask you to provide more information. The manuscript will be peer reviewed. Said peers will be requested to read the manuscript and give their opinion as to its academic quality as well as to the quality of the writing.

Please keep in mind that your proposal will be read not only by editors but also by production and marketing experts, and you will be required to answer their questions in these fields as well. The marketing experts will confer with your professional colleagues,

We will confirm the receipt of your proposal and will notify you in writing as to any decision made in its regard.

Scientific / Academic and Financial Review: requisites for the publication of the book:

Every publication of a research / reference / text books is reviewed by two entities: the Scientific Advisory Board, which evaluates your manuscript's academic merits, and Magnes Press management which evaluates the book from a financial viewpoint.

The Scientific Advisory Board will inform the author once the scientific / academic review process is complete and advise their recommendation as to its publication. Positive recommendation does not obligate the Magnes Press to publish the book. A book will be published only if both requisites are fulfilled thereby: academic scientific suitability for Magnes Press, and the book's ability to carry itself financially.

Should the book not be able to carry itself financially, which is unfortunately the case with many research books, Magnes Press will inform the author regarding the subvention required for publication.

Once both above mentioned requisites are met, a publishing agreement will be made and signed between the Magnes Press and the author, and the book production process will begin.

Any correspondence between the publication company and the author made prior to the signing of the publishing agreement does not obligate Magnes Press to publish the book.

What to send to Magnes Press when submitting the publication proposal:

The proposals must be printed in Hebrew or in English (for non-Hebrew books) on an A4 sized paper, double spaced and flush right / left only. A CD containing the manuscript as well as your proposal, as an MS Word 97-2003 file and the completed marketing questionnaire must be included.

The Marketing questionnaire.  You must submit a marketing questionnaire. For English language manuscript please submit this form. For Hebrew language manuscript please submit this form.

Publication Procedure: Read the procedure in this link carefully and then print it out, initial it at the bottom of each page and add your full signature at the end of the form. Attach one signed copy to the printed proposal and manuscript.

Two printed and bound copies of the manuscript: Unbound manuscripts will not be accepted!
A digital file (using the MS Word software) identical to the manuscript's hard copy – the manuscript must be sent using a single file which contains all chapters of the manuscript or its articles if this is an article anthology. If the manuscript is accepted and a publishing agreement is signed you may be asked to resend it separated to single chapter files for copy editing purposes.

A digital passport photo.

All materials must be sent to Magnes Press Ltd., Hebrew University, The Sherman Building for Research Management, Givat Ram, P.O.B. 39099, Jerusalem 139002, Israel.

Return of manuscripts not accepted for publication: We do not return manuscripts which were not accepted for publication. If you would like us to return your manuscript kindly email: info@magnespress.co.il to settle postal fees payment.

Last but not least: If you decide to submit your proposal to Magnes Press we ask that you sign up for our e-mailing list.

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