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Online books

What is an online book?
An e-Book is a protected online book that can be read from beginning to end on any laptop or desktop computer anywhere in the world when an internet connection is established. 
Online books have "smart links" connecting the contents and index to the book pages, allowing readers to 'jump' from an index entry or contents to the matching page in the book with a click of the mouse.
The options included in these books are textual searches, text highlighting, and adding personal remarks.
In order to view an eBook sample please
 press here.

On our site, the books with an online book version are the ones that have a listed eBook price. Books that are only available in an online version will be marked with a green banner.
To view all the books available in an online book format please 
press here.

Online books are available for reading immediately upon purchase!

In order to access to the book, you will need to sign in to our website with your e-mail address and password. Once you sign in and press your name, the link "My eBooks" will appear. By pressing this link you will be able to view all the eBooks you have purchased.

You can also access the book by finding its title on our website (after signing in) and pressing the "Online book " link located beside the book cover image.

It is important to log out when you finish reading (by pressing your name and then - "log off".) If you forget to log out, the system will do so automatically and you will be able to access the eBook again within 30-60 minutes.

Is it possible to print out an entire book or part of it?
Due to restrictions imposed by copyright, it is not possible to print out an entire book.
Online books – A maximum of 6 pages can be printed out (10 pages for newer books), but only one page every time you sign in.
Downloaded books - It is possible to print a maximum of 10 pages upon purchase. After the purchase date, an additional page can be printed per day.

Can Magnes eBooks be viewed on iPads, tablets, Kindle or smartphones?
Our online books cannot be accessed via iPads (although the book file can be downloaded).
For the time being, our eBooks cannot be read on Kindle, Windows Tablets or Pocket PC.
All Android and IOS phones are compatible (
for the online version on Android, Adobe Flash is needed.)
Download is also possible for Macintosh (OSX), for the online version Adobe Flash is needed.
Software and application downloads are required in order to download the files to your chosen device. For instructions please 
press here.

The remarks and highlights made on the file will appear on any computer.

Is special software required in order to read the eBooks?
The online books are easily accessible immediately after purchase. You will be required to download software only if you choose to download the file onto your device. For instructions please press here.

Why does the notification "This account is limited to xxx concurrent users" pop up when I try to read my eBook?
This notification means you have not logged out of your account on the Magnes Press website. It is important to log out when you finish reading (by pressing on your name and then "log off".) You will be able to access the eBook again within 30-60 minutes, after the system logs you out automatically.  

Which additional functions are available with eBooks?

- User friendly page flipping
- Full screen adjustment
- Fast word search
- Highlighting, commenting, and marking book pages (these marks will be saved on the specific device used).
- The book pages are linked to the contents page, making it easy to find a requested page.
- Printing up to 6/10 pages at every entry
- Copying and pasting from books in English

Is it possible to cancel an eBook purchase and get a refund?  
The eBook is available immediately after purchase, therefore cancellations and refunds are not possible.

I am a library representative and would like to purchase an eBook subscription for the library. What do I do?
Libraries can purchase a subscription for either our entire collection of eBooks or for a limited selection only (not including textbooks). There are a few kinds of subscriptions available:
a premium subscription to all Magnes books, or a package of 100, 50 or 25 chosen books. 
The price of the subscription depends on three things: t
he number of titles in the selection, the number of students studying at the institution and the number of concurrent users.  
For more information please e-
mail the mentioned details to us and we will get back to you with further information.

Please contact sales@magnespress.co.il for additional information. 

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