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All rights for Magnes and Academon books are reserved to Y.L. Magnes publishing house. Users undertake not to duplicate, copy or cite in writing, print, on digital media or elsewhere without explicit advanced written permission.
Copying excerpts from Magnes Press books requires payment and an advanced written permission. 

For permission to use excerpts from Magnes Press books please contact us by email: sales@magnespress.co.il or by fax: +972-25633370.

Please specify the name of the book and page numbers, as well as the publication in which you intend to cite the book, the name and address of the publisher, and the number of copies that will be printed of the book containing the cited excerpts.

The publisher is obligated to add a footnote with the name of the book cited, the name of the author, the name of the publisher and the address and the year of publication.

The publisher must provide a copy of the book to Magnes Press free of charge once the book is published.

An author publishing a collection of his or her essays who wishes to include an essay previously published by Magnes Press will not be charged for permission. If the publisher of the collection requires an official written permission please contact us at sales@magnespress.co.il.

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